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Главная » 2011 » Январь » 25 » Мой университет. Прошлое. Настоящие. Будущие.
Мой университет. Прошлое. Настоящие. Будущие.

The South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University

named after K. D. Ushynsky

The University is one of the oldest education institutions of Ukraine, it is the first Pedagogical establishment created in the south of Ukraine. The international authority of the University in developing modern teacher training system, scientific research in fundamental and applied sciences is high enough.

Almost 100 thousand teachers, who work in our country and abroad, have been trained at the university during the period of its existence. Among the graduates there are more than two thousand people who are awarded the titles of Distinguished and Honored workers in education, science, culture and sports.

The students, masters, postgraduate students, persons working for a doctor's degree from 23 countries are taught at the university.

The future teachers’ professional training in 40 qualifications, specialties and specializations is carried out by more than 1000 educators and research workers; about 400 persons of the staff have the scientific degree of a doctor, are awarded honourable titles in different fields of science, education, culture, arts and sports.

There are 17 scientific schools that are known in Ukraine and the World and 7 Qualification Scientific Boards authorized to award the PhD degree.

The students and graduates are the pride of the University, among them there are 5 Heroes of the USSR and Ukraine, National teachers, world known distinguished scholars, writers, artists, sportsmen, who won 22 gold medals in the Olympic Games.

The University has joined the Association of European Universities, the East-European Universities Network, the International Association of Pedagogical Universities of Central and Eastern Europe, it is a member of a well-known European organization "Observatory of the Magna Charta”. It cooperates with more than 100 educational establishments of Ukraine and many Universities of Europe, Asia and the USA.

Almost 700 foreign citizens are taught at the University. They master the curriculum successfully in order to get a decent profession which will help them to find their place in the dynamic day world.

The education is carried out in the following areas and specialties:

The educational and qualification degree of "Bachelor”

Pre-school Education; Primary Education; Technology Education; Correction Education (by nosologies); Social Pedagogics, Physical Training, Choreography, Musical Art, Fine Arts, Philosophy, History, Philology, Psychology, Mathematics, Physics, Computer science;

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